PHARPS21010000 PHARPS21200000 PHARPS32000000 PHARPS32010000 PHARPS32200000

PHARPS21010000  PHARPS21200000  PHARPS32000000  PHARPS32010000  PHARPS32200000

Model No.︰PHARPS21010000

Brand Name︰ABB PHARPS21010000 PHARPS21200000 PHARPS32000000

Country of Origin︰United States

Unit Price︰US $ 99 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

ABB PHARPS21010000  PHARPS21200000  PHARPS32000000  PHARPS32010000  PHARPS32200000


Contact: Della


QQ: 2677659578

Wechat: greytume8877

Skype: zhengfang1013

Phone: 0086-13436661375


Our dominant positions:


  • New in original package.
  • Large in stock.
  • Two years warranty.
  • Technical support.
  • Return or exchange goods available.
  • Competitive prices.


Brands: ABB, Infineon, Eupec, Rockwell, AB, Siemens...


We are responsible to every inquiry, so just please drop your email to me, you will get our positive reply. Thanks in advance.

PHARPS21010000  PHARPS21200000  PHARPS32000000  PHARPS32010000  PHARPS32200000






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